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La Planète Oxygène

“I do what I like most : woodcarving !”

Voir mon diplôme

Once, in a small mountain village of Kabylie overhanging the sea, there lived a little boy who looked across the Mediterranean every day towards France, dreaming of going there to join his father.

France is my country of adoption, my sanctuary, a friend and a benefactor. Like a good other, she allowed me to realise my dreams, even if it wasn’t always easy. As with my mother, I owe her everything.

Woodcarving is for me, an extraordinary activity as it enables me to express myself. It’s so good to go to bed after a day’s work, serene, but at the same time excited at the prospect of starting again the next day and transmitting a little of my knowledge to others.

Each project is a new challenge, a rise of adrenalin with gestures that are always unique, a fulfilment, a race ! All these different emotions make me feel really alive.

Self-taught at first, I then graduated from the University of Cabinet-making in Avignon with the title of Wood Carver and Gilder.

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