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Wood Carving

“I like to work in different styles...”

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As I like to work in different styles I end up producing either animal sculptures, classic statues or contemporary pieces, even if I prefer to sculpt in the style of my predecessors such as Vézelay, Puget,Bartholdi…

Chisels have pride of place on my workbench. Ancient techniques are obligatory; wood is a noble and demanding material which must be worked with a light loving touch.
Patience is the key word in this trade where mistakes are not permitted. Each stroke of the chisel adds soul to the sculpture in progress and renders it timeless.

I use different types of wood which I choose according to the project ot be carried out. The wood of the lime tree is often preferable for sculpture, but not in every case.

I love to work with walnut, also with larch wood because its falming colour and expressive veining render a warm and friendly effect, even if this wood isn’t suitable for every type of sculpture.

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